Breath of Life

12:30pm Sundays

Join Pastor Snell each week as he strives to give you the tools to build and maintain a spiritual relationship with God. This program will bring God alive to you from a contemporary, urban perspective. Click Here to learn more

Murph's Positive Reflections

12:05pm Sundays

A Christian Variety Program with music, thoughts on health and life itself. The goal of the Murphy family and our guests is to give positive encouragement to others throughout the world; and remind them that we serve an awesome God who cares for each of us with an undying, powerful love.  Click Here to learn more

More Abundant Life

11:00 am Sunday

Host: Pastor Wintley Phipps

Pastor Wintley Phipps brings you a Christ-centered message of hope and encouragement from God's Word. He also shares his inspirational music during this weekly broadcast. Phipps is an ordained minister, world-renowned vocal artist, and innovative initiator of special projects such as the US Dream Academy.

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