8:00 am & 7:00pm daily

Hosts: Aunt Carole and Uncle Dan

Appropriate for Families, Youth and Young Children

Dramatized half hour stories taken from sacred and secular history and true-life situations, build character and equip today's youth for life's challenges and good decision-making. Your Story Hour provides wholesome character-building entertainment for the whole family.

More About Your Story Hour

Your Story Hour produces family-friendly radio dramas based on the Bible, historical heroes, and true-to-life adventures. Our stories--brought to life by talented voice actors, descriptive sound effects and compelling music--teach Biblical values, positive character traits and principles for good decision-making.

We have been engaging children and adults with our stories since 1949. With audio dramas in English, Spanish, and Russian, our program is heard on more than 4,000 radio stations worldwide!

As an interfaith non-profit organization, Your Story Hour exists because of the generous support of donors who partner with us to provide quality audio dramas that help make boys and girls of today better men and women tomorrow.

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